The paddle is called "Paatit" in Greenland. Among the various Qajaq gears,You can make this easily. That is exactly the entrance to the world of "Qajaq". I will recommend you Yellow Cedar or Red Cedar as its material. I sometimes use carbon paddles. It is very hard and inflexible, so it may damage the wrists, elbows and shoulders. The woods will be gentle to your body. ;-)
BTW, Do you know the proper size of the paddle? Its length extends your arms upwards, reaching the first joint of the middle finger (See the left figure). If you have a skill beyond an intermediate level, you might should use a shorter paddle than the "right size". A short paddle would give more your skills.
About "width", Since I'm Japanese, so my hands are smaller than you, European and American people. My favorite max width is from 7.5 cm to 8 cm. In roll competition, paddle handling underwater is important. A wide paddle just gets in the way. Anyway, you can make a paddle according to your taste at any time. Let's go to the DIY shop right now.
Oops, I forgot the big publicity. There are many "Greenland Paddle Makers" overseas. I have imported it from them several times. For example, Don Beale in USA, Jill Ellis in Canada, they makes great paddles. Because they have a rich experience, they can also be corresponding to the variety of the order of the user.
And a new Greenland paddle maker appeared in Japan as well. It's "HINOMARU QAJAQS". HINOMARU is the design of the Japanese flag. I will post information about it in the near future here. And STORM ON recommends you the HINOMARU QAJAQS's paddle to raise his experience point. If you have a chance to visit Japan, please contact me. I will arrange for you to try his paddle. You surely will be fascinated by it. ;-)