This was famous series among the Greenland style kayakers of Japan before. "Tenrosei" means Sirius in Japanese. And it is the nickname of Mr. Tanaka who is the 1st President of QajaqJPN. He revived this series for the first time in about a decade. For me, it is a very happy event. Surely, you also will be able to enjoy this.


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Hi there!
I serialized this "Tenrosei the Sirius" to the website of a kayak club in Japan called Greenlanders before (2000-2001). Eiichi had edited it. It's nostalgic recollections for me. Unfortunately, you cannot see the website any longer. It disappeared from the Internet. However, Eiichi extracted "Tenrosei the Sirius" and has published it again to this STORM ON. However, it is description in Japanese. Please study Japanese, if you would like to know my "SOF life." Yes, it's not too late!

2000 are a year which began the "Greenland style" for me. I got to know the pleasure using a stick, and organized the Greenlanders-club with Eiichi. "Tenrosei the Sirius" is the article that I who did not even do-it-yourself could complete my SOF and was achieved through "launching ceremony." I read it again recently. It was a very impudent text. hahaha!

14 years of time passed. I experienced two business bachelors in the meantime. Naturally, my kayak style also had change. I enjoyed the surf-kayak and the outrigger canoe. They differed from the Greenland style for a while. Possibly I was enjoying the gap form the Greenland style.

Since Eiichi emphasized to me, "This website is the Greenland style!", I am going to provide you with the subject about it as much as possible. However, I may make reference about a "Hawaiian style" and a "surf- kayak" in the flow of the talk. It is a required element when I tell my style. That is, the article which I will write from now on is an unknown. If you like a dog, I can even write being related with my dog "KIRA." All are based on your demand. Please ask me anything! hahaha!
OK, a prologue is over. See you next time!


以前、GreenlandersのHPに掲載されていた「天狼星が行くっっ!」が、STORM ONのHPに再度アップされました。その記事を見ると”以前”ってのは2000~2001年くらいでしたね。自分が写っている画像も見れば30代後半ですから若いもんです。なんかなつかいやね。


STORM ONではお題は自由ということなんですが、そこはほれ、Gの世界が主体なんで、やっぱりGに係ることを書いていくつもりです。話の流れ中でハワイアンに触れる場面があろうかと思いますが、それはそれでよしってことなんで、カヤックやアウトリガーカヌー、グリーンランドパドルやハワイアンパドルなんかの今、肌で感じていることなんかもちょいと紹介できたらなぁ~、なんて思ったりもしています。なので、どんなことが書けるのか、書いていくのかは自分なりに未知数だったりしますね。お題をいただければそれに答えることもできるでしょうし、わんこ好きの方にはうちの”きら”の話でもたっぷり書いて差し上げられます…ほんと、何を書くんだろうね。