What is a storm roll? I will explain its history, use, and motion. Please click the picture and jump to the page.

ストームロールとは何ぞや? まずはその歴史・用途・動きなどを解説します。画像をクリックするとページにジャンプします。

As you can imagine it easily,I will use movies and animations abundantly. Good luck my friends!


The rule of a competition and the kind of roll in Greenland are explained. You need to have full knowledge of rules as a competitor.


You need the Flash player and the Quick Time plug-in. / ©2012 STORM ON

I made this in 2011. Was this useful for getting of your storm roll? I wanted to emphasize "the principle of a lever." And possibly it was successful. Actually, I found many parts to correct to this video. However, since this is my simple route, it is not corrected any more.
Have fun and get your storm roll!


The stromtroopers are a foreign legion. You could see the storm roll by the members of some countries. Yes, Recruiting now!


There are two types of storm roll.Please note well and check the position of the both paddle's tips when finish. The position of the tip in the Brace finish is deeper than the sweep finish. Do you know what this means? If you capsize unexpected in the sea, so you have to recover soon. And what do you have to do next? Paddling! Paddling, right? You must paddling to get out of a dangerous situation quickly. For that reason, start paddling immediately after recovery.
Well, please take a look this animation again. You should already know which is more advantageous. Yes, the tip of the paddle is near the surface, you can start paddling soon! So, I’ll recommend you the sweep finish in the STORM ROLL.

二種類のフィニッシュの比較アニメーションです。どっちでも上がります。なので、競技会等ではどっちでも得点できます。しかし、実用性を考えた場合はどうでしょうか? 例えば、不意沈したとします。沈してしまうぐらいの海況ですから、ロールでリカバリーした後にすぐやらなくてはならないのは、パドリングです。移動して、その危険な状況から逃れなければなりません。パドリングへ瞬時に移行できるフィニッシュ時のパドルのポジションという観点から、スイープフィニッシュのマスターを強くお勧めします。なおかつ、あまり後方までスイープしてしまうと、これもまたリスクに繋がりますので、短いスイープでリカバリーするのが良いでしょう。それには脚の連動がかかせません。