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When you make the Greenland kayak (SOF), a plan is unnecessary there. The wisdom Inuit of the north polar region did not measure by ruler. The standard is "the body of a kayaker." The size of a kayak is determined according to a user's physique.


The standard length of SOF is 3 times your height. This is not a rule. According to your liking, it can choose freely. However, I will recommend you to make the first one according to a theory. That is, "3 times your height."
I made SOF of length various until now. Short SOF is light and good at a small turn. But it did not go straight. On the other hand, long SOF was quick and excellent in tracking. However, it was too heavy for portage. In short, we should not expect omnipotent SOF, right? SOF and the kayaker should be one in body and mind. It is your role to compensate shortage of SOF and will lead to improvement in skill.


The suitable width of SOF is generally "Waist + 2 fists." I think it's too large a little about this size. In this size, you may not be able to do even an overthrow, if you want to enjoy some rolls by SOF especially. Although I cannot declare the optimal width here, size smaller than "Waist+2 fists" at least will be recommended to you. Furthermore, where of SOF do you set up the "Max width"? The character of SOF will be influenced by it.


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