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NARVAL KAYAK is the folding kayak manufacturer whom Nikola which lives in Serbia founded. I made friends with him by Facebook. He experienced the "Greenland style kayaking" by the first visit to Japan. And he brought the folding kayak of domestic make at the time of the second visit to Japan. It had a silhouette of the brilliant Greenland kayak. Then, he developed two kinds of kayaks of the above figure. Of course, these are sold by STORM ON. Please e-mail me, If you are interested about it.

NARVAL KAYAKはセルビア在住のニコラ氏が立ち上げたフォールディングカヤックメーカーです。彼との出会いは2012年2月。Facebookを通じて友達になり、グリーンランドスタイルを知りたいということで来日の際に直接コンタクト。二度目の来日時にはさっそくグリーンランドタイプのフネを引っ提げてきました。ハンドメイドの温もりとグリーンランドカヤック特有の精悍さを合わせ持つ魅力的なフネでした。その後トライ&エラーを繰り返し、NARVAL KAYAKとしてフォールディングタイプのグリーンランドカヤックをリリースすることになりました。もちろんSTORM ONでも取扱いしてます。ご興味のある方はメールください。レートにもよりますが、日本円でおよそ28万円ほどになるでしょう。これにはセルビアからの送料も含まれています。そしてこの売り上げの10%が震災支援として寄付されるそうです。また、仕様に関しては、多少のカスタマイズにも応えてくれると思います。ご用命ください。

Our design goal is to bring authentic experience of a Greenland kayaks to modern paddler living in the city or pristine nature far away, traveling by plane or small city car, by public transportation, by bicycle, by foot or by kayak itself.
Weighting only 16kg, Narval kayak is of compact folded size, combined dimensions 158cm (length, width, height). It is the only wooden frame folding kayak that fits in standard airline free baggage.

Our kayaks are built upon best experience of long and rich tradition combined with most modern ideas, materials and processes like cad-cam design and processing. Narval kayaks are made by hand and most modern computercontroled machining processes and selection of highest quality materilas ranging from top grade hand selected wood to ptfe and airspace grade epoxy resins, corrosion resistant metals . Intertwining best of tradition and most advanced technology we are delivering the best you can expect from a kayak today.

Nikola Šljivić

私の設計目標は都市やウィルダネスのカヤッカーに、電車やクルマ、あるいは自転車や徒歩、もちろんカヤックとして、グリーンランドのカヤックを容易に届けることです。Narval Kayakは重さわずか16kg、バッグ収納時の大きさは、長さ+幅+高さで158cmです。このサイズなら空輸時にも別料金は発生しません。


We currently produce two types Kangamiut and Kitaa:

Kangamuit is low volume kayak inspired by types built in East greenland, kayakers up to 90 kg willl find this kayak ideal for paddling and rolling in medium sea conditions. It's low volume limits its use for heavier paddler. Length 585cm width 49,5 cm weight 16 kg packed size 103x30x25 cm assembly time15 min

Kitta inspired by west greenland kayaks excells in rough conditions due to manuverability great for rolling and rough seas. For any padler from begginer to expert with higher volume it also suits heavier paddlers. For longer tours kitta requires skeg (available separately). Lenght 525 cm width 52,5 cm weight 16 kg packed size 97x35x26 assembly time 15 min

Assembly is very easy and straight forward requiring no force ad no tools and It takes only 15 minutes from bag to the water , On the water Nraval kayaks provide secure feell and responsivnes Narval kayak will grow with you and you will grow with Narval. For novice narval will bring confidence and excell your learning curve, for experienced paddler it brings edge performance.

Both kayaks are oustanding in rolling, they have very smooth roll momentum regardles of attitude. Fit of the Narval kayak is same as in true greenland kayak, you have masik , knee brace, back rest, foot rest on special order these parameters could be (in certain range) costumized on your request. Other option is having two types of backrest one for touring (standard option) one for rolling (on request) it is like basicly having two kayaks in one package.

Hull material options:
VALMEX® 7307 Mainstream PLUS
Vinyl coated (PVC)
Carrier fabric made of brand polyester; 1100 dtex (1000 den)
Weight: 1050 g/m2
Standard width: 150 cm
colour: light grey

VALMEX® 7311 Heavy PVC
Vinyl coated (PVC)
Carrier fabric made of brand polyester; 1100 dtex (1000 den)
Weight: 1,450 g/m2
Standard width: 150 cm
colour: storm grey

On special request :
ORCA® Fabric 866
• Base fabric : Polyester High Tenacity 1670 dtex
- 1500 deniers
• Coating : Ext : Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (CSM)
/ Polychloroprene (CR) Int : Polychloroprene (CR)
• Tensile strength : > 500 daN/5cm > 460 daN/5cm
• Tear resistance : > 33 daN > 35 daN • Surfacic mass : 1500 (±10%) g/m²

Deck :
colour: Light gray Black Maroon Biege Yacht blue Ferarry red

or heavyweight cotton fabric




Narval Kayakは「安心」を提供し、ユーザーと共に更に成長するでしょう。ビギナーのスキルアップを手助けし、経験豊富なパドラーへは最先端の性能をもたらします。


Nikola is proving the performance of his kayak by practice of rolls. I think that it is very easy to roll his kayak.