A right end is a type of my storm paddle. The loom is longer than a general storm paddle. The proportion of blades and the loom is the same as the normal Greenland paddle. I do not perform a slide stroke by lengthening the loom. It is used with a combat position. In the usual storm paddle, I do not like grasping blades. It requires practice. 
Does a total reduction make speed slow? No, it can be covered with your paddling pitch. It is not a great effort. There is bigger harvest than it. It’s underwater performance! By a paddle with little resistance, motion of rolls can be made quick. And this is effective in order to prepare an attitude also at the time of capsizes sudden. I will recommend you this storm paddle.
In SUPER GUTS, John Pedersen said, "The storm paddle did not exist in Greenland primarily." It was carried in by the foreigner and spread to Greenland. Since I had this recommended by Maligiaq in 2004, then, I have used this eagerly I actually think that use of the storm paddle led to improvement in skill.

そもそも論で言うと、Qaannat Kattuffiatのジョンいわく、どうやら「ストームパドル」というものはグリーンランドに無かったらしいです。外国人がデザインして持ち込んだことが発端だとか。ネイティブ以外がこのようにトラディショナルをイジってしまうことは少々リスクがあるかもしれませんね。2004年にマリギアックが「スキルアップしたかったらストームパドルをレギュラーで使うといいよ」というアドバイスをくれたので、てっきり向こうでも定番なのかと思っていました。しかし、チャンプ自ら推薦するのであれば、いまはもうレギュラーに近いニッチを確立しているのかもしれませんね。

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Although the storm paddle has the impression "it is short", I would like to also adhere to "width." Well, my favorite size is around 7-7.5cm. It is the size which can be held by the second joint of fingers for me. And this size has a big influence on the operation of the paddle in the water. You could feel the merit by a storm roll.


The following is the sliding stroke of the storm paddle by Maligiaq. It gives enough speed and keeps it.

How to make a Greenland paddle